quadrastat_smallSpecialty Controls

Arens also offers manufacturers a superior line of specialty controls for the remote activation of directional hydraulic spool valves which are engineered for use with push-pull cables and mechanical linkages.

Dual Axis Joystick

Arens ceo dual axis joystick controls allow the operator to control two functions with one lever. QUADCO® style grip can be added to provide an electrical interface for further feature control.

• + or X axis orientation

• Cable or rod linkage output

• Optional QUADPRO Grip with electrical switches

• Optional input motion restrictor

Single Axis Levers

Arens C80 Series single-function controls are designed with a heavy-duty lever for controlling hydraulic spool valves, winch valves or transmission valves.

• Inline or right angle orientation

• Rugged zinc die cast body with centered return spring

• Optional neutral lock

Self-Locking Controls

These controls provide a fail-safe, irreversible-4ocking action that automatically locks out feedback forces in either direction. These controls are available with a variety of locking mechanism designs to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Q36 Heavy Duty Self-Locking Control

The Arens Q36 control usesa “strap-shoe” lockingmechanismforpositive, reliable’ control in even the harshest of environments.

• Maximum operating load on output – 200 in/lbs

• Nomnalfree running torque 20 in/lbs

• Optional neutral detent, breakout force 40 in/lbs

• Strap-shoe locking mechanism holds lever securely in any position

Q15 Self-Locking Lever with Friction Pads

The Arens Q15 features a dual “scissor” locking shoe for even greater application flexibility.  Typical applications include engine throttle, hydrostatic pump, and variable sheave functions.

• Maximum operating load on output – 100 in/lbs

• Friction pads dampen feedback from the engine or pump

• Scissor locking shoe mechanism holds lever securely in any position.

Q14 Integral Series Locking Lever

The Arens Q14 locking lever control utilizes the same five element “scissor” locking shoe technology as the Q15 but without the friction peds. ~ is ideally suited to provide reliable control in a wide range of applications.

• Compact unit with operating load on output – 100 in/lbs

• Single or dual output lever options

C72 Friction Control Lever

The Arens C72 control lever offers several advantages, including more “repeatable” drag, finer adjustment with optional neutral detent, and more resistance to side loads.

• Economical solution for applications which have feedback of less than 100 inilbs

• Maximum output load is 100 in/lbs

• Optional neutral detent